Frequently asked questions about Blackle

Who owns Blackle?

Blackle is independently owned and operated by Heap Media.

How do I set or unset Blackle as my home page?

It depends which browser you are using. Here are some instructions for changing your home page setting.

Can I make my web browser use Blackle for searches?

Yes, click on the "Add to Search Bar" link on the Blackle homepage.

What is the aim of Blackle?

The aim of Blackle is to remind people of the need to take small steps every day to save energy. We hope that the flow on effect from people using Blackle and thinking more about other things they can do to save energy will make a significant difference.

Does Blackle save energy on LCD and CRT monitors?

There are significant energy savings on black websites for LED backlit LCD, OLED and CRT monitors. CCFL backlit LCD screens are not significantly affected by display color because of their constant backlight. Since 2005 manufacturers have moved away from these CCFL backlit screens. In 2024 the majority of monitor sales are LED backlit LCD's.

Will Blackle be adding other features such as image search or a search toolbar?

We now have image search. Click on the "Image" tab at the top of the search results page. You can use Blackle as your default search engine in your browser toolbar by clicking the "Blackle Toolbar" link on the Blackle homepage. We are working on many other new features. Stay tuned...

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